Welcome to FPV2.com!

FPV2 is all about making FPV life easier. Visit the tools page to figure out what VTX channel you should be on, and much more. I am currently developing a FalcoX visualizer/configurator. Stay tuned for more FPV racing tools.

Please subscribe to the brand new FPV2 YouTube channel. Much more to come FPV video wise.

FPV2 is the brainchild of Adam "Okuru" Nowak. Feel free to contact me with ideas or feedback related to my FPV tools.


3d Design

I am available to design custom quad parts for 3d printing. Contact Me to get something started. My designs are built from scratch with 3d printing in mind from the build plate up. Check out a few of my new designs here: 3D Designs

FPV Racing:

If you fly these machines, you belong to a very special club. If you build and fly these machines as fast as possible, it's a whole different story. I am still astounded by the performance of the 5" class, every single time I take flight. More astounding perhaps is the progression toward the man and machine connection that develops with practice.


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