Term Definition
Aerocross Term used to describe FPV drone racing that is not lame.
Bando Sending it at old abandoned buildings and locations.
Chooching Term meaning keeping it consistently fast on the track.
Death Spin End result of a collision or quadcopter failure that results in an out of control yaw spin, usually seeking out innocent bystanders.
Disco Term originating in Longmont Colorado meaning showing up to dance at an FPV race.
FPV First Person View
Full Send Term describing going all out in a race. See: Send It
Geezer Class If you are over 30, or look it, you are geezer class, sorry.
S Class Rare class of ridiculously fast pilots
Send It Term used to describe taking off and flying.
Toothpick If you hear the term toothpick, it's not in reference to anyone's privates, it is a new class of micro quadcopter.