Term Definition
Aerocross Term used to describe FPV drone racing that is not lame.
Bando Sending it at old abandoned buildings and locations.
Champs Having gone global, MultiGP championship races could no longer be called Nats. Since Globs sounds kinda gross, I think the term Champs stuck.
Chooching Term meaning keeping it consistently fast on the track.
Death Spin End result of a collision or quadcopter failure that results in an out of control yaw spin, usually seeking out innocent bystanders.
Disco Term originating in Longmont Colorado meaning showing up to dance at an FPV race.
FPV First Person View
Full Send Term describing going all out in a race. See: Send It
Gates The enemy and friend of FPV racing. This term covers most of the on track obstacles with the exception of flags.
Geezer Class If you are over 30, or look it, you are geezer class, sorry.
GQ When you roll up to the flightline in a tailored suit looking like a supermodel. Not actually, joking. The term describes the MultiGP Global Qualifying series in 2019.
Matty A freestyle trick involving executing a front flip while in a loop, resulting in finishing the loop going backwards. I think, I can't Matty.
MCK Min Chan Kim
Mega Class Mega Class and X Class are much larger classes of racing quadcopters. Keeping this line short since I will never be able to afford one anyway.
Pre-Loading The act of tilting your quadcopter under power, on the start block in an effort to get a faster start. Most quads have a method of holding the tilt angle to keep the machine at a 45 degree or larger angle.
Ripping Ovaries Not a powerlifting injury, but an online Freestyle Competition created by LittleStellarFox! Judges included Maionhigh and Onigiri FPV.
Saggin A term used toward the end of a heat when you can feel your batteries loosing power. Usually accompanied by the term shit, as in: "Oh Shit! I'm saggin"
S Class Rare class of ridiculously fast pilots
Send It Term used to describe taking off and flying.
Spot A term used when requesting a spotter, which is someone to keep an eye on you while flying. It's actually a requirement of the AMA to have one if you are flying an AMA event.
The Curse If you have not raced at a large MultiGP race, you may not know of the curse. If Joe Skully says your name during a race, you will crash.
Toothpick If you hear the term toothpick, it's not in reference to anyone's privates, it is a new class of micro quadcopter.