Copy the text from your FalcoX Configurator export file and paste it into the text area, or drag the file into the Drop box below.
This tool is only compatible with FalcoX Stable Version 10.XX and newer.

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Welcome to the FalcoX Mixer. This web based FalcoX Configurator allows you to work on your FalcoX setup and configuration without being connected to the flight controller. It functions by working on a dump. Yep, I said it. Configurations and edits are stored in your browser local storage. So until you clear your browser cache, your config will be saved for future edits.

FalcoX's new configurator software allows you to configure your FC without having the VTX powered up. I have taken this a step further. Since the FalcoX Alpha Configurator has an import/export routine, you can use that in conjunction with this tool to configure your flight controllers.

I have not included all of the settings. Some of this stuff, like esc protocol isn't something you tinker with often. If there are any settings you want to add to this tool, contact me to let me know.

Quick Start

  1. Just click the "Try a demo now" button to give this a whirl
  2. Do Not import the above demo into your FC, it is for demonstration only
  3. Export your FC setup/config using the FalcoX Alpha Configurator
  4. Save a copy of the exported text file in case of problems
  5. Drag the text file exported in step 2 into the "Drop txt file" box or simply copy and paste the contents of the text file into the text box
  6. Click Save Configuration
  7. Note: You can start over at any time by using the Import New Config button
  8. You can modify items by clicking on them, entering text, or using the up and down arrows
  9. Click Save Mods to save your new setup to the local storage in the web browser
  10. Click Export to File to download your new configuration
  11. Import your new config using FalcoX Configurator
  12. Give the setup a once over in FalcoX to make sure everything is in order
  13. Go Rip!


  • Non Destructive - You can work on your setup without being powered on, and import a new config at your leisure
  • Visualize your FalcoX setup on one screen - In FalcoX you need to scroll between screens to view all the settings
  • This FalcoX configurator allows you to see all the pid's and filters on one screen
  • Being able to see all the transmitter channels and which switches they operate is huge
  • Fun to play with

This tool is a work in progress!
This is a prototype, use at your own risk
Always save a backup of your configurator export file in case of failures after modification.
Always check your configuration over in FalcoX after importing a new config created by this tool.