FPV Newb

Self explainatory. You just bought your first quad and have taken it to the air. Hopefully it is a micro and you aren't jumping right into a 5"

Depending on the personality type, newbs can be very dangerous. Approach with caution.

Laptime Scale = 3min - ∞

FPV Novice

Pilot is getting the hang of controlling the machine. Flies safely and slowly. Pilot has yet to compete in an outdoor 5" race.

Laptime Scale = 2min - 3min

FPV Apprentice

Pilot is able to fly 5' MultiGP gates, most of the time and has leveled up by competing in an outdoor 5" event.

Laptime Scale = 1min - 2min

FPV Racer

Moving past simply controlling the craft, the racer has advanced to the point of developing better lines and flight techniques. The worry of crashing has been replaced with the fear of slow lap times.

Laptime Scale = 30sec - 1min

S Class FPV

S Class pilots are those that have advanced their skills to the point of rediculum and have developed super human abilities. S Class rise above the rest and have gained the respect of the lower apprentice pilots. With respect often comes the jealousy of their piers.

Laptime Scale = 15sec - 25sec

FPV Maser

Very few will achieve true mastership. Rising through the ranks alone and practice are not enough to master FPV. You must posses S Class abilities and compete at a level untouched by S Class FPV pilots.

Laptime Scale = 15sec - 10sec

Laptime Scale is relative to pilot ability and not based on any length of track in particular.