TBS Race Tracker Armor

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Rotate: Left Mouse/Finger Swipe
Pan: Right Mouse/Two Finger Swipe
Zoom: Mouse Wheel/Pinch

I picked up this antique TBS Race Tracker the other day. It is the best thing ever, I cant believe I didn't get this when it was created. Unfortunately this technology is old, 2016 old, and the upkeep of the firmware and the apps to run it has ended. However I will be using this relic so I designed some protective armor for it.

If you want to track one of these down. Be aware that it is meant to work with Android 6. I am running my TBS Race Tracker App on Android 7, but the update routine warns that updates in Android 7 may not work.

If you have an old phone laying around and $50 bucks, pick one of these up and armor it!

TBS Race Tracker
TBS Race Tracker with armor

Check it out

My impressions are all great. Having a pocket sized race timer is pretty epic. This thing is only a little bit larger than a bic lighter. I ran a few dozen packs with only one misread. Setting up the timer is a simple matter of placing your quad a gate and a half away from the timer and clicking the calibrate button.