Okuru Lighter Case

Rotate: Left Mouse/Finger Swipe
Pan: Right Mouse/Two Finger Swipe
Zoom: Mouse Wheel/Pinch

This is my replacement for the famous DroneCo Toker Poker lighter case.

The STL file is a lighter case designed to be keyed so you always pull it out of your pocket ready to go. Additionally the tactile feel of the lighter is addictive. I have lost zero lighters since I started using the Okuru lighter case.

You will need to scale the lighter up or down depending on the material you use. Just print the first 4-5mm of the design and see if it fits your lighter. Do not use horizontal expansion to accomplish the resizing.

My scaling for PLA PRO: Edit the model in Cura and uncheck uniform scaling. (Maintain the 69.6mm height so the lighter matches the height of the case) Change the X scale to be 99.64% and the Y scale to be 99.64%.

In order to maintain crisp lettering or print TPU you will need to create a custom block support that is connected to the text area on the front of the lighter. a 5mm x 5mm works well.